Real Estate Partners

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Real estate experts: our partners in success.

We understand that the location of each one of our stores is vital to our success. That's why we team up with local real estate experts to secure the best possible locations for new stores. As a real estate expert and partner, you, too, are also vital to the success of our business.

About Our Real Estate

  • We are opening stores in the 8,000 to 10,500 gross sq. ft range.
  • Our targeted average store size is approximately 10,000 gross sq. ft. with at least 70 ft. of store frontage.
  • All stores incorporate the same philosophy:Bright Stores, Big Signs, and a Clean Environment.
  • We locate our stores where Middle-America lives and shops.

What Do We Look For?

  • Regional or neighborhood centers.
  • Freestanding locations in a strong retail corridor with street presence, easy ingress/egress, and ample parking.
  • Shopping centers that are highly visible & have strong traffic counts.
  • Back door freight delivery, accessible by tractor trailers.